Love Journey: Leaving it All Behind, Except Your Boo

It’s not rocket science to know that having relationships is the lifeline of being a human being. Especially romantic ones. I mean I work in an environment where I see, daily, the pain, deception, twistedness, brokenness, and unhealthiness of relationships between men and women.

I have to be honest and say that it is VERY easy to get jaded in regards to godly, amazing men existing in the world. But God was gracious enough to surround me around amazing men in my family growing up… so I know there is hope.

Yet still, at times there is a part of me that gets frustrated with the lack of men stepping up and the lack of character, and integrity, that seem to be infiltrating my generation…both for males and females.

The title of this blogsite is Agenda: Love. Love God. Love Others. Part of loving others is being with a person for the rest of your earthly life. I don’t know what that looks like, obviously, but I think it is fitting to write a blog at least once a month regarding this kind of love. I know that I have yet to have a relationship that is healthy, and godly. Would you mind journeying along with me during this learning process? Studying what a godly, healthy relationship looks like? Asking tough questions, getting healing from past junk?

I’ll be calling these relationship blogs: The Love Journey Series

I’m definitely no expert on relationships… Just a woman trying to figure out what a healthy, godly relationship looks like.Your input,and comments would be greatly appreciated.


The other day my daily Bible verse app had this verse:

 “And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life.”Matthew 19:29

Read the verse again, see if you notice one member of the family that Jesus doesn’t mention you need to leave?

Your spouse.

I have read that verse several times, but when I read it this time, that truth stuck out to me.

I have seen the truth of leaving my family, and receiving mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers…even children…all over the world. My family has truly been extended, and I know that it will continue to grow as God takes me different places in life…but why doesn’t Jesus mention your spouse?

That must say a lot about what God thinks about marriage. It is the strongest human bond that can ever exist. Where the two become ONE.

How does this apply to a single person? Well It makes me think of this one thing. Whoever you marry has to have the same heart passions as you. If one person feels called to settle down in a country that is on the complete opposite side of the world than the country that God has placed in your heart…well you can’t one day say “Sorry, honey I need to go to Timbuktu because God has called me there, so have fun serving him here.”

No.. both people have to have the same passion, heart, desire, goal. Both have to be willing to leave mother, father, sister, brother, property…together…as a team.

This is something sobering to think about for myself personally. I don’t want to ever feel that I can’t fulfill the desires God has put in my heart because my spouse’s desires are completely opposite.

I mean, yes timing is just as important. Perhaps there is a time for one person to fulfill the calling God has in their life, and then the spouse’s turn… but the bottom line is the hearts have to be the same.

And let me just say, that it is helpful if the man knows what God has called him to, and pursues it. It’s a man’s role to pursue…why do I say that? Because that’s what Christ did for each of us.. pursued us with His love… and the man is supposed to treat the wife like Christ…but that will be a whole other blog.

A healthy, godly relationship is one where both are willing to leave it all behind…TOGETHER… to pursue whatever it is God has asked.

What do you think about this?

****my oh so wise brother-in law sent me a message stating that some manuscripts say “wife”…so I just want to clarify some things. 1. I use controversial titles to entice people to read my blogs…yes.. you were enticed. 2. OBVIOUSLY no godly relationship works unless GOD is #1..before the spouse. 3. “similar burdens do not always have to bring couples together, it could but it must be their love for GOd first, then for each other. Because sometimes the burden is only for a season and often it does not always transpire the way anticipated.”-Pastor Wight. It’s great to go through this journey, learning what godly love is like. Keep the input coming friends.

Agenda: Love,


5 thoughts on “Love Journey: Leaving it All Behind, Except Your Boo

  1. Wow! What an eye opener! You are right I’ve never seen this passage of the bible this way about the spouse in my life in my 30 years of listening to sermons. May the Lord continue given you discernment, knowlege and wisdom. Love, you. Mama

  2. Praying for you ‘Teammate’ every week my dear. God has an amazing man for you. I know it is cliche to do, but if you haven’t listened to this podcast series it truly is amazing. The Loveology series took me from cyncial and never wanting to marry, to seeing the beautiful bond of marriage and the ways it can glorify God. It also taught me a lot about myself and men. Anyway, if you get a chance to listen, let me know what you think 🙂 Love you!

  3. We have emailed on this topic so I’ll not repeat it, but for the glory of God I’ll share. I have always liked to be alone, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. I’ve always wanted to travel the world even bC (before Christ), I never thought about marriage even after I came to the Lord yet here I am married for 12yrs this month to an on the job evangelist whos job has taken us all over the world and when he goes to countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia I sit it out and am able to have my alone time, as my grandmother would say, ‘that ain’t nuthin’ but JESUS!’ God knows what we need even when we dont, He knows the desires of our heart and loves to give it to us, dont you just LOVE God!

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