Natural Born Flat Leavers

I recently learned to use soap. Yes, I know you’re thinking “Really, you’re 31, and NOW you use it?” I don’t know where I’ve been my whole life that I haven’t been using it, but…it’s been life changing.

Let me clarify:

Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer

What did you think I meant? 😃

I’ve been applying it to my daily verses, and applied it to a passage of scripture this morning. I just want to share, real quick, something that jumped out at me.

The passage I read this morning was John 6:16-21. It’s right after Jesus feeds the 5,000 in the town of Bethsaida (whoop whoop) and the crowd thinks “Oh my goodness this is the Person we’ve been waiting for! The One that will save us from this Roman enslavement! Let’s grab him and force him to be king”. Jesus was like “Ummm… no thanks” and he goes up in the hills to get away from the horde of aggresors.

The Bible says that the disciples went down to the shore to wait for Him, but evening came and they decided to get on the boat and cross over the sea to Capernaum.

Observation-Wait… What? Did the disciples just flat leave Jesus? Did they just put their dueces up to the hills and were like “We out”. How did they think He would get across? What was their rush?

A great storm suddenly comes and the disciples are thinking ” We’re gonna die! We’re not gonna make it! ” We can’t get past this!”. They were in a frenzy.

They see this figure slowly waking towards them on the water, so terror piled on top of their panic. But they hear a familiar voice say ” I am here! Don’t be afraid!” And they recognize it’s their Teacher.

The Bible says they “eagerly” let Him in and “immediately” the boat arrived at their destination.

Observation- I’m sure they were “eager” to let Him in… They knew He was a safe place for them. Did they transport?! Jesus transported all of them right to their end destination! Wild!

Now how does this apply to our lives? I started to think.

“How many storms can be avoided if we just wait on Jesus and don’t flat leave Him?”

Really, think about it. It was getting dark, the disciples were getting impatient and chose not to wait on Jesus, but to move forward without Him.

This is a tendency we have as humans. To do what we think is best when we think it’s best. To have control. Waiting can’t be right. We need to make it work someway…somehow.

What circumstance seems to be getting darker in your life that you’re getting impatient for Jesus to answer? Maybe waiting to get married? Starting a career? Having a baby? A loved one getting saved? (Insert your situation here)?

This is just my speculation, but if the disciples waited for Jesus, no matter how “dark” it got, they would have had a much more enjoyable ride across that sea. Maybe they could have been  conversing with Jesus about the Kingdom. Or maybe they could have been thanking Jesus and sharing the  awe they felt when they saw Him multiply 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed thousands… and then have leftovers.

But their choice, and some of our choices, leave us reeling instead of deepening our relationship with the Savior.

We move forward with our own plans and what we think is best. Then we’re left bewildered and disoriented because of the storms that we get ourselves into by not waiting for Him

But another amazing observation that I noticed was that when Jesus met them on the water, in the middle of that gale, He didn’t yell out ” How you guys just gonna leave me like that! That’s messed up! Now I’m gonna leave you out here in the storm. You deserve it!” and walk by the boat giving His dueces.

No, this reveals so much of God’s character. His love towards the people he created. That even in our poor choices, Jesus still calls out ” I am here! Don’t be afraid!”

We then have a choice to “eagerly” invite him onto the boat and get to the destination His way or ignore his call of mercy and grace.


Lord help me to trust your timing, even when it seems that the clock is ticking and the situation seems to be getting darker. Let me not go on ahead and try to make something happen and leave you behind. Help me to wait for You so that we can travel together and grow deeper in relationship. Lord, if I do get weak and tired of waiting and find myself in a storm, help me to always hear your words of grace and mercy calling out to me. Help me choose to let you into the situation and take the lead. Thank you for your kindness towards me, and that you only do and give what is best for me when it’s the best time. I love you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen”

Have you used S.O.A.P lately? Let God speak to you through His word, and share what He shows you.



2 thoughts on “Natural Born Flat Leavers

  1. Hey Beth, Thank you so much for sharing how to read the scripture, I too need to use SOAP daily 🙂 God’s Word is rich and powerful and He speaks through His word and He changes and corrects us as we see the Word as a mirror reflecting the areas that we need to clean up, grow up and shape up 🙂

  2. I really appreciated this post. It kinda reminded me to get back to basics when it comes to getting the word within the Word. Thank you for sharing your revelations with the SOAP process 🙂

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