About Bethsaida

Singer/songwriter. World traveler. Human rights advocate. Adventure seeker. Bethsaida never dreamed she would have the life that she has lived so far. Bethsaida was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As far back as she can remember she was always singing and interviewing people. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would always say “I want to do music, and help people.” Always an active participant in her church, she was singing since the age of 5. Little did she know that her life would go down a path of music and philanthropic work her whole life.

During her elementary school choir days, she got a taste of broadway by being in a broadway show called “Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Color Dreamcoat”. That experience continued to fuel her love for singing that carried on through being a soloist in junior highschool concerts. However, when she first arrived in high scool, she put singing on the back burner, and decided to work. During senior year in high school, Edward R. Murrow High School, she became an intern at a sublabel for a major record  company. While there, her passion for singing was resparked ,and she auditioned for a singing competition. Coming in second place, she continued to intern at the label, and was even hired as an assistant. She formed a pop group “Aria” with two other friends from her church. They were offered a development deal right before 9/11 happened. The deal got lost in the chaos of the aftermath. She also lost her assistant job when the label folded, She then began her college journey.

She received an A.A.S in Broadcast Technology and Management from Kingsborough Community College. During her time there she hosted a Christian radio show. After graduating, she went on to receive a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in music business,  while at the same time training her voice at Five Towns College. Throughout her college years, Bethsaida was singing solos for the youth choir and worship team at her church. She was also singing in churches and women’s conferences throughout NYC. After graduating college, with no doors being opened to work in the music industry, Bethsaida was led to teaching. Her love for helping people in the inner city drew her to the NYC Teaching Fellows program. She received her Masters of Science in Education from Brooklyn College. She enjoyed teaching at a public in the inner-city school of Brooklyn for 3 years, until one day a documentary screening changed the trajectory of her life.

In 2009 Bethsaida watched a documentary on human trafficking. The heartwrenching evil of this injustice moved Bethsaida to pursue philanthropic work in 11 countries around the world with an organization called The World Race. From her humanitarian work in Asia, she felt called to live in Thailand for another year and work with trafficked women and children at risk of being trafficked. Daily, she reached out to these precious souls in the hopes that they would choose a different path.

Bethsaida came back to America in 2012 and continues to be inspired to serve her city, and the world, through actions and song. Bethsaida is committed to using any platform she has been given to advocate for the unadvocated and bring the hope of a loving Father to a world that seems to be getting darker day by day.

Currently, Bethsaida is back in education as a middle school Reading teacher in a charter school located in Brooklyn. She also leads a monthly anti-human trafficking prayer meeting at her church and is a servant leader and soloist in the young adult ministry. Bethsaida feels honored to have been brought down the path of life that she has been so far, but she knows the best is yet to come.

“You are never too old to live out the passions and dreams God has placed in your heart. Trust His timing… it’s perfect. Keep stepping out in faith and living in obedience in the meantime. The journey is a beautiful process that will bring you closer to God than when you first started.”- Bethsaida

Visit her music page at www.bethsaidamusic.com

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