100%… Like A Baby.

Right now I feel like I’m back in high school, anxiously waiting for an acceptance letter from a college I was hoping to get accepted to. Every time my phone gets the email icon, I get excited, only to be disappointed by some ridiculous spam marketing email. I have never disliked Central Department store (a Thai store), more than I do now. I sent out several emails and Facebook messages last week, and have yet to get a response.

I think I’m putting my hope in an email response, when I shouldn’t be. God knows my next step, and He’s leading me there even if I feel like I’m not moving.


A friend of mine told me about how incredible a baby’s focus is. They are only consumed with what is right in front of them…100%. If they’re playing with a squeaky toy, that squeaky toy is the most important thing in their life for those 5 minutes. They aren’t thinking about the other 20 toys they could be playing with instead, or what stuffed animal they cuddled with the night before.

They are 100% in the wonderful moment of squeaky toy playing, and not thinking about their past or their future.

Sometimes in life it is detrimental to have that kind of focus, but sometimes in life it is beneficial, and productive to have that kind of focus. It makes you appreciative, and content with “today”. Making the most of it, wherever we are, especially since tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

I pray that God will help me have that kind of focus right now. The next step, the rest, will come at it’s perfect time, and only He knows when that is. And then I want to be 100% there too.

 “Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” Ecc. 3:11

Agenda: Love,



Fighting Trafficking and Poverty With Lipstick, Onesies, and Aprons

The Creator has gifted His creation with creativity.

Us humans are enthralled with anything that deals with aesthetic beauty. It captivates us. I mean have you ever seen a majestic lightning storm? A sea of sunset colors? A rainbow array of flowers?

These are all originals, created by the greatest Creator, and they take our breath away.

Well I want to link you all, with some of His children who are using their creativity to fight against the issue of trafficking and poverty.

Baby Clothes:

My friend Katie has started a baby onesies online store. She is EXTREMELY talented, and innovative with the adorable onesies. They are the right style, and price for your precious little angel. And 30 % of the profit goes towards a non-profit of your choice. (including the one I’ll be at in Thailand, Lighthouse in Action)

Buy your godchild’s, child’s, niece’s, nephew’s onesie here. Sweet Ones.


I had the privilige of meeting a world race alumni, Nicole, last week at training camp. Nicole has started a cosmetics company, with LEGIT makeup! ( I bought 4 eyeshadows!). But she has everything from foundation to lipstick.  Her vision for the company, as it grows, is to give a large amount of the profit to non-profits in the fight against trafficking. Right now 20% goes to a non-profit.

MAC aint got nothin on her Radiant Cosmetics. Support a just cause, and look beautiful doing it =) Help her company grow, so that anti-trafficking orgs can get the financial support they need!


Another World Race alumni, Bambi, is using her sewing and creative talent to combat poverty overseas by creating custom made bags, aprons, quilts, etc… according to her website she LOVES doing custom made work.

You can check out her fabulous stuff at the Hope N Motion Etsy store,or her blogsite Hope N Motion. I have a custom made “Everything Bag” headed my way.

All of these make great gifts as well.

Hey… if we’re gonna shop…lets shop for a purpose =)

Agenda: Love,